Book Suggestions?

Hello lovely people!

I’m going on a 14 hour trip to Florida next week and I need book suggestions! I don’t want to buy an actual book because I’ll be taking a few (Fangirl, The Selection, Obsidian) and I would love to take my kindle with me. I don’t give it enough love. If you have any suggestions for a book to buy on Amazon Kindle Store, then you would be the awesomest person ever 🙂 Comment down below and I’ll see if I’ve read it or not.

Thanks guys(:

— B.

3 thoughts on “Book Suggestions?”

  1. I’m not sure which books are on the kindle, and which aren’t, but I’m just going to assume most books are (kind of like the nook)? If that’s true, then my recommendation would be to get The Princess Bride if you want something that’s simply epic, or This Lullaby if you’re looking for something that’s YA contemporary. Just my suggestion!


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