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The One (The Selection, #3)


The One by Kiera Cass

Published by HarperTeen on May 6, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, Dystopia, Romance

Pages: 323

“Maxon, some of those marks are on your back so they wouldn’t be on mine, and I love you for them.”

He stopped breathing for a second. “What did you say?”

I smiled. “I love you.”

“One more time, please? I just—”

I took his face in both of my hands. “Maxon Schreave, I love you. I love you.”

“And I love you, America Singer. With all that I am, I love you.”

*spoiler inside review*

I have finally finished this wonderful trilogy! Yes, I had my doubts in the beginning but now I absolutely loooooove it. I finished this book a couple days ago and I still haven’t had the proper amount of AAAAHHHHH-freak-out-time that I usually have after a series.

The One was definitely worth the 15 bucks I coughed up for it. And I definitely don’t have room for it on my bookshelf. (I’m 100% out of room. Me and my friend counted our books to see who had the most. I won with 75 books!! Though by the end of 2014 that’ll go up 🙂 ) The poor series is sitting next to my shelf in a pile. Luckily though, my dad is going to build me one that takes over my wall! 😀

Throughout this book I definitely had many times where I screamed at the book. It was hilarious, when I was on the last haul of the book (about the last 100 pages) I read it while dog sitting, and this one part I was freaking out over — hard core freak out session — and the dogs looked at me like what…you’re scaring us. They also judged me with their eyes, but that’s okay. I also had parts where I was just gushing with emotions over the book. It made me happy.


So finally at the start of the book, America finally decided that Aspen was an old part of her life and she wasn’t in love with him anymore. THANK YOU!! In The Selection, I was rooting for Aspen for the first, eh, fifty pages I guess until they broke up. Then I wanted him gone. Especially when he came back. Like I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for princes.

One thing I’ve loved about America throughout this series is the fact through everything others put on her, she keeps her mind about what she wanted from page one to the final page. Which is her hatred of the castes. America is a refreshing character, she keeps her head straight but also lets her heart grow. She hated Maxon when the series started but then by the end she was irrevocably in love with him (I was, too).

This book was also amazing because it had the happy ending without the Disney stereotype on it. SPOILER some people did die, I won’t say who, but I’m glad they did. (Not really, but it was necessary). END OF SPOILER In reality you aren’t going to come out from a rebellion unscathed. There was a time I thought the worst was going to happen. It didn’t, but I definitely had shaky hands.

Maxon was wonderful in this book. A lot of people hated him because in The Elite, he had also semi-fallen for Kriss. I get it, we had our doubts about his love for America, but there’s a difference in the loves he had for both of them. He was in love with America, no doubt, and he just loved Kriss. If the love Maxon had for Kriss was intense enough to worry us, then wouldn’t he have booted out America.  Even with everything she did? But he didn’t. I never had doubts that Maxon loved America because he needed to keep is mind open to the possibilities. We all know that America was fickle, hard-headed, and feisty enough to either leave or get kicked out. Which near the end of The Elite she nearly did. I just really love him. *Squeeee*

It was a seriously good end to a good series. I’m so glad I picked this up.

5/5 stars


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