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Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles, #3)

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Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole

Published by Simon & Schuster on January 6, 2015

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Pages: 336

We will love you. In our own way.



Minor spoilers abound from the first two and Dead of Winter.

At the bottom, striked through, is my first review of this book (it was also one of my earlier reviews when I started writing reviews for books) and it doesn’t really capture how I feel about the book, especially reading it twice.

This book really meshes Death and Jack into this love triangle and gives us even more information on both to make our decision on who to choose even harder. Before, I was dead set on Jack forever and always, bebe. Now, I’m much more torn and like Evie, I still haven’t really made a decision.

This book isn’t as chalked full of action, but it does have enough of it to keep it from lulling. After Evie races to save Jack from the Lovers, we get to see what exactly Jack has built in the three months without her. Jack has built himself an empire and made himself a local legend, as if he wasn’t badass enough before. The best parts were watching Jack and Death reluctantly be forced to work together for Evie’s sake. Any time they butt heads, I’m grinning like an idiot because I love their showdowns.

Kresley Cole is queen of cliffhangers because this one is even worse than any of the others. I can’t even write a longer review because this one breaks my heart. What I used to believe to forcefully in, I no longer have the same faiths. I need to read Day Zero  and wait patiently for Arcana Rising to be delivered to me before I can really stoke my thoughts if Jack is the unawakened card. I used to be confident about it, but I’m no longer feeling like he is. If you have any theories on what Jack might be, comment below because I’d love to talk theories with you! Anything to talk through this pain that Cole puts me through every time!!!!

Regardless, this book was still amazing even as it breaks my heart.



!!! Emperor… Emperor!

AAAHHHHH This book was so good. Jack Death Jack Death!

My only big problem with the book was the lack of a huge climax that left you like “what do I do now?” *SPOILERS* (if you highlight the empty portion you’ll see the spoiler) I felt like the Lovers death was so quick. I was reading and then Vincent got punched and died. It was very anticlimactic and quick.

Unlike the last two this book was pretty much wholly the love triangle. I love the game and Arcana and I didn’t get as much as I wanted besides Death.

Oh Death. I like Aric. He’s great. But I love Jack more. Actually. I’m pretty torn. I think that Jack will end up being a card. Maybe the emperor? Of whom I am so excited to meet!

Anyways, if you love this series this book is definitely not action packed like it should be. There were times that it had me at the edge of my seat and chills down my back but it would be over too quickly.

I can’t wait for book four, title soon I hope!, and the ability to see what happens to Jack…

I give this book four point five stars (half a star because the lack of action!).

5/5 stars

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