Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)

clockwork prince

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Published by Simon and Schuster on December 6, 2011

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal

Pages: 502

“Say something in Mandarin,” said Tessa, with a smile.

Jem said something that sounded like a lot of breathy vowels and consonants run together, his voice rising and falling melodically: “Ni hen piao liang.”
“What did you say?” Tessa was curious.
“I said your hair is coming undone — here,” he said, and reached out and tucked an escaping curl back behind her ear. Tessa felt the blood spill hot up into her face, and was glad for the dimness of the carriage. “You have to be careful with it,” he said, taking his hand back, slowly, his fingers lingering against her cheek.

*review contains some spoilers*

This book really got me. Like really got me. At the end I was laying on my hammock outside screaming. I haven’t done that in so long that it was weirdly satisfying and I’m glad that this book got those sorts of emotions out of me because I was losing hope for Clare.

I was very into it when I started. Then The Heir came out and I had to read that, mainly, because everyone at school was going to read it and if I didn’t get it finished before they did, spoilers would be everywhere. Then after I finished The Heir and it pretty much ruined any hope for any book ever again, it was hard to start this one. So it took me a long month, almost two actually, to finish it. With a few books in between, of course.

So when I sitting outside Monday wanting to cry and scream and be so angry, I was thoroughly impressed that Clare managed to get me hooked right back into the series.

Let me tell you, Clare does not write small books. Prince was, if memory serves me right, over five hundred pages (okay it is literally 502 pages but that counts as over, right?). Clockwork Princess is nearly six hundred. I have a monster of a book to finish. And quite frankly, I’m a little scared to finish it. Two years ago I had a group of friends that loved the Shadowhunter world and had read all the Mortal Instruments that were out at the time and had read all the Infernal Devices. So when we were all packed and ready to go play for graduation, one of my friends was talking about her emotions about Princess and how she needed an entire tissue box after the end.

That scares me.

What will happen at the end that is worth that many tears? Will Will die? Well, honestly he’s the only one I care about dying. I’ve never been much of a Jem fan anyway.

On the subject of Jem, you might notice that the excerpt I chose was a, almost, romantic scene between him and Tessa. What? you say. Yes. This book has plenty of Jem swooning over Tessa and her ignorance about it until halfway through when the Incident happens.

If you haven’t read it, the Incident is a definitely, certifiable steamy scene between Jem and Tessa that totally screwed my entire love for Will and Tessa up.

The Incident ruined everything. For me.

If you love Jem and Tessa then I bet you were whooping and hollering. I definitely wasn’t.

In my review for Clockwork Angel I expressed my almost hate and confusion for Will. In the first book he was so. Much. Like. Jace. I wanted to scream! But then in Prince we finally get to understand Will. In this book, it was over, a done deal, Will was it. He was (is) this character that I just love and want to shield from finding out about the Incident.

Well, he didn’t find out about the Incident but he definitely found something else out. And I’ll let you read the book to see what that is.

My wild, romance-loving emotions aside, this book was awesome. We got to learn so much about character’s pasts and there was so much that if I hadn’t taken that one break, it could’ve been done in a weekend. I’m glad I didn’t, though. I would have been a mess at graduation had I finished it in May.

Tessa was a little bit more badass in this book. The hardest thing for me to get used to is her adversity to pants and shirts and pretty much anything but big extravagant dresses that was the fashion of the day. Which I totally get. I love the style from that era, but I also wish that they were able to wear pants. I feel like she could fight better in some.

She was more detached from certain emotions and had too strong feelings for other emotions. Like I said I do not like Jem and Tessa together. I don’t know what it is about Jem but I just don’t like him like that. She wanted to be a part of everything and she was stubborn but I like that she stands up and does whatever she wants. I like a strong female character.

There seemed to be a lot of revelations in this book and I think that’s what makes it so great to me, looking back at it. I got to learn so much from this book that I had questions for in Angel. I can’t wait to find out more in Clockwork Princess.

This time instead of taking a break, I’m reading both Princess and Between the Spark and the Burn at the same time. My friend is currently borrowing my Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and she’s about to go to a wedding in the middle of nowhere with no wifi so I think she’ll need the sequel when she gets back and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. I finally ordered it and it came in yesterday, along with Red Queen and a book called Dragon Marked. It was like Christmas when the mailwoman came.

I already have a chunk out of both books so a review should be coming your way soon. 🙂

4.5/5 Stars

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