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City in Embers (Collector, #1)


City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

Published by Twisted Fairy Publishing

Genres: Fantasy, Romance


I was no longer the collector. I was the collected, the hunted – a specimen to test.



This was my first (real) Adult book and it was pretty good.

Zoey Daniels works for a top secret government agency called the DMG (Department of Molecular Genetics) and she hunts and collects Fae. Fae is a broad term that pretty much covers anything supernatural – vampires, fairies, wanderers, sprites, etc. She has had a hard life, being thrown from foster home to foster home throughout her life making her have incredibly rough experiences in life. But this isn’t the most peculiar thing about her. Zoey is a Seer and she can see Fae’s auras. So she is very valuable to the DMG because she is the one who can tell Fae from humans.

Which if we are all being honest here, working for a secret agency never spells good news.

Seattle goes down by an “Electric Storm (ES)” as the citizens call it, destroying everything in the city. This storm ends up connecting her with a Fae named Ryker and together they must find the answers they need.

When I bought the book I didn’t re-read the description because I didn’t want any expectations so I was totally thrown into left field when the ES happened. I was so shocked and it ended up being really awesome because it hooked me. I enjoyed this book, but there were parts of it that were predictable. There were definitely twists (especially the beginning, because you know, I didn’t read the description again before I started) and turns, but nothing that I couldn’t predict when the plot started turning towards them.

Zoey is in love with her mentor Daniel and she envisions a life where he and her can take her foster-sister Lexie away and have a happier life where they are not plagued. But that changes with the ES. The storm causes Zoey to take something of Ryker’s so they are stuck together until they can find the answers.

Even though Zoey and Ryker are stuck together, there is no huge, or really any, romance in this book. It focuses primarily on the plot and the aftermath of the ES.

This book has many factors surrounding it which is great, because there’s always some problem to worry about. Zoey and Ryker have to juggle their connection, running from the DMG, and dealing with each other.

Zoey and Ryker loathe each other what with both of them being raised to hate the other species. Ryker is Fae and to be specific he is a Wanderer, which means he can jump (Red Queen/Glass Sword fans will understand jumping very well). Fae see humans as less than and basically dirt. So Ryker pretty much treats her as such.

Zoey grew up jumping from fo

One of my favorite characters in the book is 100% Sprig (whose full name is way too long to type out). He is a monkey Sprite who brings just the right amount of humor and life to the book. The best thing about him is he is narcoleptic (a narcoleptic monkey sprite is pretty much the best combination I had never thought of before, but had anyone?) so he is literally falling asleep in the middle of everything. Seriously, at one point he passed out mid jump. I was laughing so much because of him. Sprig brings humor into the book when Zoey and Ryker are at each others throats. Which is most of the time.

This book is action packed without a dull moment. They are always dealing with one issue after another. If it isn’t the ES, it is finding answers for their connection, or the DMG, they are running from a mafia level mob gang trying to take over Seattle. They really have their hands full trying to juggle all of these issues and it makes for an interesting book.

Stacey Marie Brown really impressed me. I had never heard of her before, but I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. My only regret is that I didn’t get it in paperback so I could own this gorgeous book physically. Maybe one day.

Ryker is definitely an asshole most of the book, but underneath his prickly exterior is a Fae that I can definitely rate as book-boyfriend level.

I really loved the character development in Embers. While Zoey may have seemed to not take quite the turn as some characters would through the book, her and Ryker really seemed to lean on each other a couple times and help each other through it. When they got along, I was definitely there for that. But I also enjoyed their bickering. Just as long as there’s some Ryker and, you know, Sprig’s appropriate-inappropriate comments.

Had the book not been so predictable in parts, I would’ve given it a higher rating because I did love it. Now I’m going to hunt down the sequel and hope that it’s also 0.99 cents.


4/5 stars.

Also, if you want to read this book it is only 0.99 cents on Amazon Kindle Store!


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