Monday Motivations

Monday Motivation

Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.

– unknown

Happy Monday!

It is the first day back from Spring Break and the first week back is always the hardest. The rest of the semester is downhill with exams, finals, papers, and stress. Getting back into the groove of things is so hard to do when we have such a stretch until summer.

My spring break was productive-ish. I signed a lease on an apartment (!!), helped paint my parent’s house, and I started City of Heavenly Fire.

Heavenly Fire is my motivation every day this week. I started it Thursday and while I’m only about 200 pages in (hardly 1/4 of it) I can’t stop thinking about it. Already, it has had so much action and tragedies that it promises to be an exciting read. The one thing that still boggles my mind is how Heavenly Fire easily surpasses Winter in width, but Winter is about one hundred pages longer than HF. Meyer really packed a bunch in a small space (800+ pages isn’t small, but the entire book was a rollercoaster of excitement and emotions). Also I finally bought Stars Above last week and I peeked at the official epilogue and I think I know who’s wedding it is… even if it’s not who I want it to be. But I’m not sure how much of indicator the first paragraph is.

Also, if you guys haven’t heard: The Rose and the Dagger is coming out 1 WEEK EARLY! Yes you read that right! Rose and Dagger is coming out April 26, 2016! Also, Renee Ahdieh has been favoriting a bunch of my tweets to her (So has JLA and Sabaa Tahir – honestly I’m losing my mind over here) that I feel like I need to meet her and just really solidify this BFF status I feel like we have going on. I’ll elaborate on my emotions about Rose in my next Waiting Wednesday post because that could go on for a while.

I hope you guys had a good break and will have a good week! March is almost over and I can’t believe how fast 2016 is blowing by.

Did you do anything fun last week?

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