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Chances by Jaime Scarfuto

Published on March 13, 2016

Genres: Romance, Adult

Pages: 347


Little did I know, my high school reunion was right around the corner and maybe a second chance to be with James too. But was that what I wanted? Who doesn’t want to end up with their high school sweetheart? Or is there someone else out there for me?


Chances is about Jeanie Camello who, at the beginning of the book, is dating her college boyfriend Alex of six years when she realizes that he isn’t making her happy anymore and she wants something else. Unfortunately for her, soon after her break-up she finds out about her upcoming 10 year high school reunion and the chance to see her high school sweetheart again.

That’s where the book went wrong for me. Not only did Jeanie move on pretty fast from her break-up with Alex, she only dwelled on what she didn’t really have with James. James was her so-called “high school sweetheart,” but I feel like that isn’t the right word for what he was. Through flashbacks, we see what he was that Jeanie was too blind, and still too blind, to see which was he only wanted her for sex. It was clear from the beginning when he was only IM-ing her at night and the conversations were basically just them sexting. Then not only did he only want her for sex, he got somewhat of a night with her and then completely stopped talking to her. And 10 years later that’s all she’s worried about. Not her break-up from a real relationship, one that lasted a long time, but the one that lasted a couple months and that wasn’t a real relationship at all.

The premise of the book also made it seem like most of the plot would take place at the high school reunion, but the reunion only got one chapter. If that. I was a little disappointed with how fast it went by and before I knew it we were back to her regular everyday life.

After Jeanie breaks up with Alex she moves in with her best friend Gabby, who seems to be a character that we really only need to see when she’s relevant to the plot. We see a lot of her in the beginning, but when Jeanie’s story really gets going she disappears into the background and we hardly see her with the excuse that she’s always at her boyfriend’s house. We never really even get a resolution on her or any of the supporting characters. Gavin, Jeanie’s cousin, is much like Gabby where he sticks around for relevant parts, like helping Jeanie choose clothes because he loves fashion, then stops coming around and we don’t see him for most of the last third of the book. If they weren’t directly helping Jeanie’s love life, they weren’t important.

Jeanie herself was contradictory and never really had any back bone. She spent the whole time wanting answers from James but the second she saw him and somewhat of an excuse from him, she seriously told him no that’s fine I don’t want answers let’s live in the now. That threw me into a spin because she actually whined about it for so long then brushed it off so quickly and stopped caring about the one thing she spent half the book (and apparently 10 years of her life) stressing about.

Because of this, Jeanie’s world never felt real to me. Even the “love triangle” was so forced that I couldn’t really root for any guy. Well, I never liked James from the beginning because I got immediate bad vibes. It lacked something to really suck me in, which sort of sucked because I was looking forward to this and it was the type of book I would’ve fell head over heels for a few years ago. I just grew out of the writing style, I guess.

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed with the book, but it was an easy read. If you are looking for something that has romance and is short, this is the book for you.


2.5/5 stars

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