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Improbables by Jonathan Charles Bruce

Published by Booktrope Editions on January 29, 2016

Genres: New Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 336


The wolf, facing her, was lost in a black haze save for its yellow eyes and dark-grey muzzle. The haze itself towered upward but ultimately swept behind a body. A human body.


This book is the first book in a really long time that I’ve read that took an original spin on vampires, werewolves, and anything else supernatural.

Improbables focuses on Abigail Wren, a journalist that moved to a tiny town in Washington because she couldn’t get any other job offers anywhere else. There, she finds out that the town’s loner is a werewolf. For me, the book was going pretty well up until that point. When Abigail got it in her head to go approach him about his wolfiness. He spilled the beans so fast and easily that it threw me off. Anyone with a secret to keep wouldn’t spill it that fast. The author also used one too many twilight references for my preferences. Though, the first part of the book felt more like he is making fun of the genre. He also used many big, technical sounding SAT worthy words that could have been easily switched for a normal word without it sounding repetitive.

That being said, I felt like there was so much that could have been utilized in this book that wasn’t. Abigail said she had friends and family although her parents have hardly any dialogue until halfway through the book and one friend (outside of Marley) is mentioned once. There was no connections to her past life, nothing to keep her feeling real. Anyone she claimed to be friends with in college must have completely ditched her behind. Abigail is also, supposedly, a paranormal reader even though it is only mentioned until she discovers the improbables. If the author had taken her experiences with reading paranormal and applying it to how she was going to approach the supernatural in her town then it would have been interesting. Instead, it was just used as a character quirk for a handful of chapters. Also, there is hardly any romance in this book. I am not a reader that needs romance to get into a book. However, the story needs to be detailed and interesting enough to fill that void of something I can cling onto. Since the actual plot took half of the book to actually come into play, there were chapters where nothing happened and I wondered why it was even mentioned in the first place. Abigail had her moments, but a lot of the time I was wondering why she was being such a jerk to people.

The idea was very original and I felt that it could have gone so much better, but it was lacking something to make it truly great. Because it is one of the more original ideas within the paranormal genre I’ve read in a long time, that is what is bumping up it’s rating so much for me.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a light, original paranormal read.


2.75/5 Stars.

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