Sabaa Tahir M&G Freak Out

Tonight was such a dream guys.

It was one of the coolest experiences getting to listen to Sabaa talk about her books and how she came up with the idea, the characters, things we’ll be exploring in the next couple books, (the movie which I totally forgot about), and of course herself.

She is by far one of the coolest people I have ever met. She was so much fun to listen to and she was so dorky and relatable that I love her even more than when I just fell in love with her books.

She also signed both of my books and drew a cute little mask in each. It was such an honor to meet her because Ember is hands down one of my favorite series and she has hit #1 on NYT with both. I seriously could listen to her talk about it all day long. And hearing her talk about how much she already knows is going to happen in the next books has me stressed out because I want them so, so bad!!

I love meeting authors and I hope to have many more of these M&G’s because they are way too much fun.

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