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Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles, #2)


Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Published by Simon & Schuster on October 1, 2013

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Pages: 320

I desired you before, but I never loved you until this life.




Kresley Cole never fails to end her books with a heart stopping cliff hanger. This cliffhanger is much worse, in my opinion, than the one in Poison Princess because I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Endless Knight picks right up where Poison Princess leaves off. Like exactly where it left off and so going from the first to this one is seamless. We see Evie start to embrace her true Arcana nature in all her Red Witch glory that Jack, Matthew, Finn, and Selena find her in. Evie finally made a kill, Arthur, and is officially apart of the game. Regardless, she still wants to track down her Gran and in order to do that she has to go through Cannibal territory, all the while Arcana stands in her way.

Evie continues to develop into a stronger character, and player, as she resumes her journey with her friends with her. She is no longer the weak, rich girl who spent her whole life sheltered at Haven house living in the laps of luxury. I loved reading about her becoming this tougher fighter that she didn’t have the training to become, unlike other Cards. She is less dependent on Jack now and more self sufficient.

Her and Jack’s relationship is at a rocky start in the beginning of the book what with him seeing her go all Red Witch and rip a man in two, and deal with all her – not quite – lies to him. It was a lot for Jack to swallow at first, but I love that Cajun. He’d follow Evie through hell. We see a different side of him since he doesn’t have to take care of Evie anymore. Instead, we get to see Jack be the one stumbling behind everyone, wondering how he fits in and what he is going to do. Even with Death becoming a more and more important part of the story, I still love Jack.

Ugh. Death… I hate to love him. This book turns the romance in the story into a love triangle, and a very tough one to choose sides on. This book really gets us to love Death just like PP got us to love Jack – at least for me. Death has been around tormenting Evie since before the Flash and, well I’m not going to say much more on him because it’s better to see him as a mystery.

My biggest warning for this book is I hope you have a strong stomach because there are some scenes that seriously had me sick to my stomach. I usually don’t get too queasy but something about the inner working of a Cannibal camp that has me sickened just thinking about it.

Overall, Endless Knight is packed full of adventure and mystery that keeps you hooked until the very last page. I am also so in love with this well-thought out world. The Arcana world ranks right up there with Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles with how intertwined and real the world feels. Little hints from the first book that become important later on are one of my favorite things that authors include. As I continue to re-read these, my excitement for Arcana Rising continues to build. I better order it soon because the time it takes to read these books are getting shorter and shorter…


5/5 Stars

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