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Day Zero (The Arcana Chronicles, #3.5)


Day Zero by Kresley Cole

Published by Valkyrie Press on August 1, 2016

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 174

It begins at the end….




Spoilers for the first three books may be abound.

Okay, wow. This is a novella I never knew I needed. This is going to be my guide and my most trusted source anytime I need to know anything about anyone.

Kresley Cole gives us everything we need to know about every card (except one two…) and even gives us background on what each one was doing before the Flash. The only problem I had is that I got attached some characters that were killed before Evie entered the game and now I’m sad about these characters I’ll never get to know more of. I loved seeing exactly what superpowers each card possesses and what their icon is (which turns out to be extremely useful with the new covers the series has). I really enjoyed getting to see how each card reacted to the Flash and their new powers. Especially the ones who didn’t know anything about the game before hand. Even the ones that chronicled were fun because I assumed that if they chronicled or knew about the game then they would accept it wholeheartedly, but even a few were still skeptics. But hey, who would believe someone if they told them they had powers and that they would have to kill 21 other kids to become immortal and bring their family fame?

A few cards were left out like the Hermit, the Lovers, and the Hierophant (to name a few) so not every single card got a backstory.

*rubs hands and grins like a mad man* Let’s get down to theories about the inactivated card. The Fool conveniently left out most of his Day 0 and every last bit of information about the Hanged Man. Before I re-read the Arcana Chronicles I was convinced that if Jack were to be a card he would be the Emperor, but that is out the window. That was out the window before I even read Day 0. (Honestly I’m not even sure if I believe that Jack survived the end of Dead of Winter). The only option left is the Hanged Man. In Cole’s forward she said that some people took Jack’s Day 0 to be proof of him being the inactivated card and that she was neither confirming or denying it. I didn’t take his Day 0 to prove it. Of course there was one instance that could’ve gone either way and I have my own opinions on that. If you have read it, comment and I really would love to talk to you about my Jack theories uncensored. I can’t decide if Jack is fine just being a human among all the other Arcana because that means if Evie chooses him then they could live the rest of his life happy unlike if she chooses Death and then they have to off each other or be offed by another card. I feel like Jack could be more but after reading Dead of Winter, Jack might be destined to be a great General. He definitely is good at it. I used to be so sure of what I believed, but reading this all with fresh eyes and taking down my biases, I am not sure of anything anymore.

This made me even more curious about Arcana Rising, especially since I know what icons are what and the icon on the cover has me so damn curious.

This is one of the best novellas of a series I’ve read and nothing about it felt useless. It should be called a guide book, but Day Zero is a pretty cool name too.

5/5 Stars.



Update: I’ve been wanting music to remind me of The Arcana Chronicles so I’ve been pulling from other playlists around the internet I’ve found and have added in a few of my own songs. It’s still growing as the series continues, but if you want to have a listen heres the link to the Spotify playlist : Arcana Chronicles

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