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Shifter Clans Series Complete Box Set Review



Shifter Clans Series by Tiffany Shand

Published on July 12, 2017

Genres: Paranormal, Adult

Pages: 300

Her eyes flashed as she felt power rise up from deep inside her. Not the power of her wolf – something she wasn’t supposed to use – magic.

I have been wanting to get back into the paranormal genre for years. The last time I read a good paranormal was seriously Twilight, or City of Bones if you want to count all the paranormal creatures. But seriously, it’s been years. Finding one is even harder when I don’t actively look for paranormal books. So when the offer to review these novellas came up, I jumped on it. I love novellas and the minimal commitment they offer (they’re short, sweet, and such a fun and fast read) and then combine novellas with paranormal? I was sold.

The Shifter Clans series is compromised of three novellas. The layout of the series reminds me a lot of the Never, Never novella series. But each of the Shifter Clans novellas felt like a story within itself whereas Never, Never felt like one book chopped into thirds.

The first novella pretty much had me interested from the first line. I’m used to novel layouts so I was a little taken aback when the action started almost immediately. That is my only complaint about the series: I wish it was in novels so that bits of information and back stories and plot lines could be drawn out. Novellas have to cram so much into such little space so the pace is fast. This is not a bad thing, just the nature of novellas. I really loved the characters and wanted to know more about them.

The main character is Christy and she has been forced to live with humans since the Alpha, her father, instructed her to years ago. She fell in love with her guardian, Ronan, and their romance is already well under way when the first novella starts. As a sucker for a little bit of romance in my paranormal or fantasy books, I was a little sad that I wouldn’t get to see it grow since they already were smitten with each other and they both were aware of it when the series started. The pace is fast but it keeps you interested since each turn of the page has something new. While you are keeping up with the action you are also getting the groundwork for the series to be built on in the first novella.

Christy was a headstrong character that maybe made some poor decisions, but proved her strength as a character when making hard decisions. Ronan could be overprotective at times, but it was always in the interest of Christy’s safety so I could give him a little leeway on being a helicopter guardian.

This series had every element that I look for in a good series and it continued to keep me captivated through the end. There were some parts that might have been a little underdeveloped, but looking at the entire arc of the series it was forgivable.

I definitely recommend this book if you like paranormal, especially werewolves since the wolves are the main focus. It brings a unique idea of werewolves to the table and it’s own little spin on forbidden love. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and it definitely put my interest back on the paranormal genre.



4/5 stars for the series

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