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Links by Lisa Becker

Published by Desert Breeze Publishing on August 1, 2017

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult



If only he would see her as anything but a brain in oversized black frames.



Wow. I am going to be really honest and say I didn’t think I was going to love this book as much as I do. Adult contemporaries always seem to cross a line for me, going from cute and romantic to hot and heavy. Links had a few hot and heavy moments, but there was enough plot line and character development that I didn’t mind it.


Links is about Charlotte Windham who has had a crush on Garrett Stephens since they
were both in high school. Flash-forward fifteen years and their paths cross again. Only… Garrett doesn’t recognize her at first but is intrigued by who she is all grown up. They spend time together becoming friends or will it be more?

This book is dual POV in both Charlotte and Garrett’s so we get to see how both of them think, act, feel, and grow as characters on a deep level. I really enjoyed it and if you are wanting a romantic read, Links is definitely for you.

The rest of this review will have spoilers for the book so go and read it if you haven’t already!

First: I love Charlotte. She reminds me of Katy Black from Obsidian, but a more grown up/writer version. I am a sucker for the nerdy heroine who is a reader or writer and wears dorky-but-I-would-totally-buy shirts. She grew up in LA but didn’t have the money like many who live there. And after high school she worked hard and became a successful author. Talk about GOALS. She is witty and charming, but has enough flaws to make her character real and interesting. Like when she jumped to conclusions way too fast at the end of the book. Still, I love her and can totally relate to her.

Garrett Stephens on the other hand…I like him. I really do. He just always was dancing around that line I mentioned earlier. He was your typical jock in high school who got a full-ride to college and became a professional, and famous, golfer. A jock who never really got out of his ways until he reconnected with Charlotte. I felt like there could be more to him if he would let himself. After he saw Charlotte for the first time in fifteen years, he said he wanted to get her in bed. From then on the chase revolved around getting her in bed. Even long after she stopped being something to chase and someone to keep around. In his chapter’s he would always just think about getting her in bed and I just wanted him to stop imagining that so much and think more about wanting to spend time with her after their first time. That being said, he was a good guy. He never pushed Charlotte to do anything she didn’t want to do (except maybe sleep in the same bed as him in the cabin). He was patient and did work hard to get her to admit her feelings. It was nice to see that even though he started as the guy who didn’t want to be tied down, he found someone who made him want to settle down and date. Charlotte brought out a lot of good sides of him.

Lisa Becker did an amazing job at character development. Since this is a contemporary, there wasn’t really any hard pressing trials for the characters to go through but I can honestly say that who the main characters were at the beginning of the book is different than who they are at the end. Even skimming the beginning for a good snippet, I could feel the difference in who they were.

This is an adult book so there are more adult themes weaving through the novel. I have really been enjoying exploring outside of my reading comfort zone and discovering books in other genres. Throughout my teen years I boxed myself in the young adult universe (which I still love YA with my whole heart) and didn’t really explore outside of it. As I am getting older and going through different experiences, I am enjoying reading adult and new adult books and finding what I like in those type of books. Links gave me hope for romantic adult books. So often I find romance books in the adult genre lean more toward erotic books (not really my personal taste), but Links showed that it can be done without it and be done well.

I was able to connect to these characters and feel like they were real. I was even hooked in immediately. In my first sitting I read about 70 pages and then sat down and read the rest of the book in the second sitting.

Links is a captivating novel that hooks you in and doesn’t let you go. It has humor, romance, and a good storyline. You don’t want to miss out on this one.


4/5 stars

Links is available for pre-order and here are some links (heh) to find the book:



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