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A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)

23766634A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

Published by Bloomsbury on May 2, 2017

Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance

Pages: 700


“When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.”



As this is the final installment of the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy, my non-spoilers section is going to be very short and sweet.

I had no idea this was going to be the final book (goodreads had the next 3 it was renewed for listed AND a novella so you can imagine my confusion as everyone said it was only three). That said, this was a thrilling conclusion. I loved it so much. I definitely give it 5 stars.

Now, if you haven’t read the book, go read it! Read all 3 if you haven’t already. If you have, then let’s get really comfy and talk all the dirty details.





This book starts out quite differently than Mist and Fury. In Mist, Feyre was wholly broken and just trying to make it through the day. In Wings, she was back at the Spring Court and playing the spy. Honestly, she spent half the time reveling in how good she was playing the part and bringing the Spring Court to its knees. A little too much reveling because she was missing out on important parts of information that I was picking up on and she wasn’t. She kept mentioning headaches and the time when she blocked Brannagh’s and Dagdan’s powers from intruding in Tamlin and Lucien’s heads and they totally knew Feyre did that, she just kept going on her merry way. Like…Feyre. You need to watch your back as well as your front.

I will say I think most of her success was because Tamlin was so oblivious. The same oblivion that drove her away. Of course, I think she caught on to some of that oblivion because she forgot to keep her eye on herself as she literally got poisoned.

Anyway, when it finally came time for her to run away she did a really good job. She realized that Brannagh and Dagdan were trying to deplete her powers since the Faebane was already working to mute her powers. Thankfully Lucien was there to help her. An eye for an eye. Then began the most stressful twenty pages. As Feyre and Lucien ran away to get back to the Night Court, I was so. stressed. Especially when they were cutting through the Autumn Court. I knew that they weren’t going to make it out unscathed. Then when Lucien’s brothers caught up to them, I was stressed that Beron was going to take them hostage before Rhys could even find them. Thankfully, Cassian and Azriel found them in the Winter Court.

A problem they faced more than anything else in this book was everyone kept depleting their powers! Trust me, we’ll get to the situation at the end of the book soon enough. I have many words to say with SJMaas.

When Cassian and Azriel found them, I was so relieved. I was even more relieved when Rhysand and Feyre were back together. I could breathe so much easier now.

When Feyre finally got back to Velaris we were able to see what had become of Nesta and Elain. But now we see that Nesta has obviously changed, but her personality didn’t. She was still fiery and angry at the world and fiercely protected Elain. Elain…on the other hand…. had been broken. Or at least we thought she had been broken. She was staring out the window, not eating, depressed over what turn her life had taken, and muttering fragments of sentences that made no sense. We later find out that she is a Seer which I hope we get to see more of later in the series… er, spinoff? Of course we have Lucien lurking around hoping to get to know his mate (something else that was never quite resolved either) but he wasn’t around much of the book either since he was off to find Vassa. I hope we get to learn a little more about him and Helion because that was a big piece of information for no one to do anything with. There’s so many little things I want to learn that I think will be answered in the later books. Including Cassian and Nesta. I want to see more of them! They continue to dart around each other even after their kiss during the battle. It’s infuriating but wholly Nesta’s style.

Feyre also wanted to learn how to fly in this book since in Mist she discovered her shapeshifting abilities and she was able to shift to have wings. This was fun to read about because most of the time when characters in fantasies can fly, they just know how to. Or rather we never see how they learn. We also got to see a different part of Azriel. I just want to give him a big hug. He had lighter sides of him but most of the time the Shadowsinger sticks to the shadows and I enjoyed seeing that side of him.

This book reinforced my love for Rhysand even more. He never tried to control or talk Feyre out of her crazy ideas (and oh, boy did she have a ton). His softer sides came out even more and I loved seeing that part of him show outside of Velaris.

I even grew a soft spot for the Bone Carver. When he died I wasn’t sad exactly, but I definitely felt some remorse. It doesn’t help that he kept taking the form of Rhysand and Feyre’s child! Agh.

Also, let’s talk about Tamlin’s character arc. In Roses, he was Feyre’s lovable instalove. He was perfect enough for the reader to want Feyre to go save him. Perfect in every way seeable. Then in Mist, he seemed to do a 180 and was a different person. Controlling. Then at the end of Mist he was easily nearly more hatable than Hybern himself. But…in the Spring court I could almost see his reasonings and we were able to see pieces of Tamlin we hadn’t seen since before Under the Mountain. Of course, he still had all those flaws. Then at the meeting of all the High Lords, Tamlin made his iconic dramatic beast entrance and became even more hatable again. He was the bitter ex that knew Feyre’s weaknesses she showed him in confidence and used them against her. Not cool. But he claimed to not be working with Hybern and it was only a ruse, but I still didn’t trust him. Not until he surprisingly saved Feyre when her and Azriel went to rescue Elain at Hybern’s camp. Then, I was confused. I was thankful he saved her and took such a risk. Then I was even more grateful when he helped her with Rhys at the end. He was still bitter to the very end at the meeting with all High Lords, human Queens, and Drakon and Miryam. I’m not sure where he falls, but he is no longer number one enemy. I hope one day he finds his own mate or something to get him to move on. I think he has in some way, but he needs to let go of some of that bitterness.

We also learned some important pieces of Mor. I’m so glad she confided in Feyre because it made everything between her and Azriel and Cassian click into place. I hope Mor one day can truly be herself and finds the confidence to do so because I just want to see her happy.

When I went into this book, I was certain that a main character was going to die. I’ve never finished a SJMaas series (before this one, and I don’t think she’s finished one yet) so I didn’t know if she was the type to kill off main characters. During the final battle, I was certain that Cassian was going to be the one to go. They kept alluding to someone’s death with the way they were talking before the battle and every time Cassian tried to go off and fight, Rhys kept saying he was going to get himself killed. He was nearly on death’s door during the showdown between Nesta and Hybern, but thank god he didn’t knock. Then, I thought it was going to be Feyre. I thought Amren had actually betrayed Feyre when the Weaver and Hybern had their little spat. Then I thought she truly had when Feyre was stuck to the Cauldron. Then when Feyre survived and Amren hadn’t exactly betrayed anyone really just mislead them, I felt little relief. The second that Cauldron split into thirds I knew there was another problem to worry about. Of course, everyone was too busy to watch Amren totally kickass and destroy Hybern’s army to pay attention the Cauldron basically sucking the world out. Then when Rhysand told Feyre to patch it up, I knew one or both of them were going to die. Both of them were depleted (again! Stop depleting your magic!) and fusing the Cauldron together wasn’t going to bode well if it was sucking Feyre’s life out at the end of Mist. When Rhysand kept saying I love you to Feyre as she was pulling his power, I knew that he was dying. I was shaking. When Feyre finished repairing the Cauldron and she turned to see Rhysand on the ground, tears immediately sprung to my eyes. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t know if he was savable. I wanted them to chunk him in the Cauldron or something. But then Feyre begged the other High Lords to help and bring him back the way they brought her back. And thank the Mother that worked. I just didn’t expect the person to die would be Feyre, Nesta, and Elain’s father. I wondered when he was going to make an appearance again. Feyre mentioned him in passing too much for it to be forgotten. And when he showed up with Vassa to make it up to his daughter with his daughter’s names on the ships I was so ecstatic. I wish we’d gotten more time with this new version of him than we did. But I’m thankful it was him and no one else who bit the bullet.

We got the happily ever after I needed them to have, and the peace with Feyre’s father’s death. I think Rhysand and Feyre’s story wrapped up quite nicely. I definitely think we’ll see more of them in later books but I don’t see them being the main focus. Though, if they are I won’t be mad. I really loved this series and I’m so happy it’s not completely over. I can’t wait for #3.5 to come out in May. I hope it tides me over until 2019…



5/5 Stars

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