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The Darkest Star (Origin, #1)

34908141The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published by Tor Teen on October 30, 2018

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Pages: 368


“Nothing is impossible…when you’re me.”




Long time, no see. Classes kicked my you-know-what this semester and I had zero time for reading. Tonight I finished my first book since January and it was a spin-off to one of my all-time favorite series: the Lux series.

If you don’t like aliens, a story that will make you grin ear-to-ear, or an author who can write leading men like it’s second nature then this isn’t the book for you.

Even though I read most of the books before I started this blog, all I gush about is how much I love the Lux series any chance I get. Just take a look at my review for Oblivion (Daemon’s POV of the first three books in the series). I hold it near and dear to my heart and when the series ended back in 2014, I was crushed. Then JLA answered my thoughts and prayers and created a spin-off I didn’t know I needed.

*Disclaimer: you do not need to read the Lux series to read The Darkest Star and vice versa. Because of this, I won’t spoil any events in the Lux series that The Darkest Star does not touch on*

The Darkest Star follows Evie Dasher, a seventeen-year-old girl who runs into Luc at a Luxen club. She automatically assumes he’s a Luxen but it turns out he might be something even more powerful. As she entangles herself more with Luc, she finds out the world around her might not be as it seems.

If you read Obsidian, you know Luc is a character we meet in that series. Given that The Darkest Star takes place years after where Opposition leaves off, Luc is much older than he was in Opal, Origin, and Opposition. And it’s freaking weird. Weird in a good way, though.

I absolutely was entranced with the new take on this world I love so much. Since it takes place after the invasion and the aliens are out of the bag, it’s so interesting to see how the humans live knowing there are aliens living amongst them. It’s almost like all my questions have finally been answered.

Evie grew on me immediately. She has a big heart and is inquisitive to a fault. So much so she kinda gets herself in some situations I was yelling at her to stay put. I can’t wait to read more about her and see how she continues to navigate in this world.

I mentioned it earlier, but JLA knows how to write a male lead that you’ll love. I have yet to hate a male lead in her books. Luc took me a little bit longer though because I was so used to reading him as a pre-teen. A child. Now he’s older…wearing low rise jeans and walking around shirtless. Luc always fascinated me in the previous books. He was so complex and we never really got to explore him like I wanted to. Now we’re finally learning more about him and I didn’t realize how much I wanted it.

I have nothing but praise for this book because when I was reading this book, my soul felt happy. It felt like returning home to a world that I knew well and lived in for years. The Lux Series is one of the few books I continually return to when I need a pick-me-up. They make me happy and I already know the Origin series will be extended into that. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel to come out because I have more questions and am looking to the return of some certain elements…but I won’t spoil what those are…yet.

5/5 Stars

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