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The Brightest Night (Origin, #3)

The Brightest Night by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published by Tor Teen on October 20, 2020

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Pages: 504

“We didn’t come all this way, survive all we have, only to lose each other again,” he said. “You won’t allow that. I know you won’t, but if you can’t believe in that yet, then believe in me until you can.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The third installment in this series did not live up to my own expectations. I found myself getting bored and unable to focus in at some points of the book. It won’t stop me from reading the final installation though. I didn’t lose interest in the series.

Since this is the third book, I am not going to shy away from minor spoilers from the previous few books.

I wanted to love this book so much, but I just couldn’t. When the book was released, I didn’t even know it because the covers had changed. One day we’ll make it through a JLA series where the covers don’t change halfway through. (Perhaps an unpopular opinion but, I actually kinda loved this cover. The deep rich blue is gorgeous. I just wished they all matched on my shelf).

What really got me through this book was the fact that the gang was all back. Everyone we love from the Lux world is back. Even people from Obsession have made a return. And of course I’m always excited for Daemon and Katy so that was where my focus was.

Compared to the first two books, it felt like Evie and Luc were no longer holding their own story. The plot fell flat. Most of the book felt like them running in circles within the compound. Not much changed between the beginning and end. Maybe this book is a filler book to get us to the last book. The book did have a few plot twists that took me off guard, but it wasn’t enough for me to love it.

I hope the action and excitement comes back in the next book. I also really hope JLA did not bring everyone back just for some of my favorite people to die. Listen, I already had to worry about them making it through 5 previous books. I don’t need them to cop out now!

The more JLA entangles the Lux characters with Origin ones, the more I recommend that if you are enjoying this series you should read Obsidian. So much will make so much more sense.

4/5 Stars

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