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late night confessions

This post is definitely out of the norm of what I usually post on my blog. Most, if not all, posts are about books and that entire world. However, this post is something a little more personal which is why I am writing this “introduction” of sorts (if that’s what you want to call it). I needed to get my story out on paper (metaphorically) and out there. I don’t know why I feel like it needs to be out in the world for more than just my eyes to see, but I do. Maybe someone out there can relate. Or maybe I just like writing. I don’t know. What I do know is this is a different style of post and I won’t do this style too often, but this is something I want out there. So before you read it, please don’t be mean if you choose to comment. This is a safe space.

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100 Word Story

Lately I’ve been stuck with writer’s block on here and really everywhere. So I played around for a bit and came up with a 100 word story.


She walked down the street, hands in her pockets. The brisk cold burned against her cheeks. This town was supposed to be strictly temporary, but she found herself falling in love with it more each day.

She paused near a window shop, gazing at the dresses inside. Prices too high for her to ever buy. She started to walk again when she ran into something. Someone. She glanced up at deep green emerald eyes, struggling to find her breath.

“Sorry,” he murmured, fighting a grin.

She smiled, too. Staring into his eyes, she realized staying might not be so bad.


Check Out My Stories?

Check Out My Stories? 

I must confess, I am an aspiring writer. I post my stories on this website called Wattpad. It’s a wonderful website and if you are a budding writer, I highly suggest checking it out. I discovered this website a few years back and just read the stories. Over time, I gathered up the courage to post my own. I’ll be honest, the first couple tries were awful. But this website has helped me grow as a writer and led me here. If you have any spare time, do check out my stories. It would mean a great deal to me!