Review Submissions


I love reading and helping others find a great book to read. That being said, I review books honestly and constructively. Sending a book in to be reviewed does not guarantee a positive review. By filling out and sending the form, you agree that I will provide my honest opinion even if I didn’t like your book. This means that a review might be critical but I also will be constructive in giving reasons why something didn’t work for me personally.

I am open to most genres, but usually I will not review non-fiction. Since I work full-time, I can’t always guarantee a time frame for a review to be posted. However, sometimes I can work around one if you absolutely need a review posted before a certain date. I always post my reviews on Goodreads as well which is the only other site I post on. You can make note in the form if you don’t want it posted on Goodreads. Enter in an email address that is checked regularly.

By filling out the form, you accept the terms of my review policy.