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Looking for Alaska: Hulu’s Adaptation

To make this easy, above the cut off I’ll keep it spoiler-free and below the cut off, beware.

I read Looking for Alaska in 2013. It was my second John Green novel after The Fault in Our Stars and…I didn’t like it. When I heard about Hulu picking it up to make into a mini-series I rolled my eyes. Paper Towns was just as bad as the book in my opinion (another John Green novel I didn’t enjoy) and I expected to feel about the show as I did the book. I did not feel that way at all. I ended up really enjoying it, cried a bunch, and watched the whole thing in 2 nights.

If you’ve read the book or you haven’t, I recommend watching the show. Full thoughts on everything will be below, but looking back on it as a whole: go watch.

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