New Opposition Cover!

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Every Last Cover Change

every last breath

As you can see from my previous review’s, the covers to White Hot Kiss and Stone Cold Touch were steamy, attractive, and perfect (and with a little shimmer in print). On April 8 she revealed the final cover (shown above) and proceeded to change the other covers as well. Continue reading

It’s Finally Here

My long awaited book release is here and it’s early! YES! Thank you Barnes and Nobles for an early release of Opposition THREE. DAYS. EARLY. YES! I drove up ASAP when I saw that someone had gotten it. And yes now that I see the cover I love it. It’s sparkly and amazing but definitely not the same. Sigh. I’ll get used to it. Anyways I’m off to finish re reading origin tonight/tomorrow!!!!


Waiting Wednesday

“How much of human life is lost in waiting.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I decided to create a new thing and call it Waiting Wednesday! What is this thing you ask? Well it’s kinda self explanatory but… Each Wednesday I’ll post about whichever book I’m waiting on. Of course sometimes that would mean the same book, but I want to know what books you are most dearly excited about and I want to talk about that!

So this week I’m waiting on JLA’s Opposition… and guess what. It’s right around the corner. If the days were a square city block, Tuesday is definitely around the corner from Wednesday… kind of. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ONE WEEK AWAY! I picked up Obsidian (swear to you, I could not pronounce it for like a solid three weeks) last June. And last year, the two month wait between Opal and Origin was KILLER. Now I’ve been taking a stroll down memory lane and re-reading the first four books before the finale. I only have like ten pages in Opal (which I’m about to knock out) then I get to move on to my favorite: Origin.

Guys, this is what swoons are made of. Seriously, on the back cover Wendy Higgins said so. And I whole-heartedly agree. The action does not stop for these books. You get a break and you’re like “Okay great. Breather now, right?” Wrong. Something else happens and these books are a one-sit book. Like don’t-do-your-homework, take-the-day-off, dont-eat sit down book. You won’t be disappointed.

All except the cover, I’m expecting great things. Er… good things. I don’t want high expectations 😉

So what are you waiting on?

P.s. Sorry JLA, but this cover kinda really stinks