Imagine Me (Shatter Me, #6)

Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi

Published by HarperCollins on March 31, 2020

Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

Pages: 464

“Imagine me 
master of my own universe
I am everything I ever dreamed of”

I’m truly ashamed of how long it took me to read this. With COVID-19 and working from home, I have no excuse for reading 2 books in the last 4 months of WFH. Still, I’m glad I got this finished before I head back into a new normal daily grind and put this beloved series to rest.

Shatter Me is one of the last (at least as far as I am aware) series from the Dystopian-Era that is still thriving. The books and the world have evolved greatly since the debut. I didn’t think I’d find myself still reading dystopian in 2020, but I love these characters so much.

Unlike the original ending we thought we had with Ignite Me, Imagine Me feels like a solid ending. I still have some questions about the world that is now different going forward in their timeline but I don’t feel like it is something that needs its own storyline. I can, well, imagine it.

What did keep me from loving this book as much as I thought I was going to is that the middle of the book was a standstill for about 150 pages. This could be because it took me almost 2 months to read that stretch of pages, but not a lot happened. It slowed down the story for me and by the time we got to the climax of the story, I was wondering if the ending was going to be rushed. I could argue that maybe it was rushed a little bit, but I’d rather a fast paced ending than one that drags out for far too long.

After all the years put into this series and characters, I feel satisfied knowing that they got the ending they all deserved. Aaron and Juliette hold a special place in the coffee shop of fictional characters that lives in my head. They were one of the first patrons and one day I hope to revisit this series in its entirety. Many events disrupted my plans to re-read the series in anticipation for the finale, but one day I think I’ll return to these books.

For now, I look forward to what Tahereh Mafi releases next. I really enjoyed her stand alone novel A Very Large Expanse of Sea and hope she comes out with many more. Also if you don’t already follow her and her husband on Instagram. They are photography geniuses and I just love the content they post.

4.5/5 Stars

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